Randi Bale, Owner

Randi Bale, Owner

My name is Randi Bale and I am the owner of Healthy Organized Living. I understand how it feels to have too much to do, not enough time and little or no support from the outside world. After years of research and experience managing a career, a business and a life, I am here to help those you need it. I find being mindful and organized, carving out time to do what I love and being able to ask for help makes all the difference. I find too many people are overwhelmed and stressed out, not able to enjoy their relationships or a career that they have spent years to create. My life goal is to help people find the joy and get most of out their life and their work.

Here's how:

At Home.

Home is where the heart is. Together we will devise solutions for you to get more organized by creating an uncluttered environment, putting systems in place and designing sensible schedules. I will also get things done for you, so you can get things off your plate and feel more at peace. I will help you with:

  • De-cluttering and organizing your home so you can find things and get things done.

  • Designing a place for you to live that you are proud of, so you don't feel embarrassed when people visit your home.

  • Cleaning out your life of unhealthy habits for you to stop feeling exhausted, day after day!

  • Assembling your wardrobe for you to dress for success in life, love and business.

  • Structuring your schedule, so you stop being late all the time.

  • Assisting you (and taking the lead) getting home and work projects completed and off your plate.

At Work.

A lot of how we feel at work gets brought into our home and personal lives. Our workday affects our health, our relationships and our all-around well being. I believe creating and maintaining a healthy workplace is professionally responsible and ethical, while yielding profitable results. I'll partner and advise you on how to manage people, processes and projects to help your company get healthier. The organization will become more organized through clear structure, positive communication and cohesive leadership. We'll get everyone on the same team, make things happen and you will be less stressed and distracted. I will help you with:

  • Consulting with C-Level Executives as a confidant and business partner to confidentially assist with business strategy, operations and employee relations to create cohesive leadership, streamlined processes, improved cash flow and enhanced leader-employee communication, trust, commitment and morale.

  • Facilitating brainstorming and accountability meetings so everyone keeps on track and your business can flow seamlessly.

  • Coaching staff members to resolve areas to be improved for increased employee engagement, communication, accountability, time management and organizational efficiencies.

  • Strategically plan and implement project work in order to ensure client satisfaction and firm profitability.

  • Revising and/or designing policies and procedures, business correspondence, proposals, presentations and contracts for enhanced communication, structure and clarity.

In Life.

Success and happiness begins with mindset. Not only will I help you get projects and tasks done, I'll show you how to streamline your life, ask for help and create a blueprint so you can have the time you need for YOU, feel better and do better. I will help you with:

  • Getting clear and focused so you can decide how to live your life and edit the rest.

  • Setting boundaries to stop wasting so much time.

  • Recognizing what you love so you can delegate the rest.

  • Communicating "win win's" and get agreements from parties, so you can have a collaborative process.

  • Tracking your money so you can spend now and wisely save for your future.

  • Organizing your day to make sure you include self care, so you can be there for yourself and others.

  • Making quick decisions so you can get on with it!

I feel creative and I am already beginning to have new ideas and finishing projects that I had left undone. My life is no longer in standstill. Randi is amazing. She is straightforward, honest and strong, yet gentle. She is very understanding and evaluates and addresses the situation accordingly. Thank you Randi for helping me take my life back.
— Anabel