Speaking Overview

Randi Bale delivers practical and purposeful guidelines to audiences who want interactive, inspirational and real–life solutions. She inspires and activates people to think about where they are in their lives and their businesses –– and suggests ways to meet their objectives. She has spoken to team members at corporations and small businesses, professional associations and intimate groups.

Speaking engagements are offered in numerous formats, including: Keynote Speeches, Group Coaching and Workshops, MasterMind Facilitation, Staff Retreats, Lunch–and–Learns, Panel Participation and Moderation, Phone and Online Classes, Webinar Participation and Meeting Facilitation.


For Home.

De-Clutter Your Life and Break Free From All Your Stuff.

This presentation is for people who are overwhelmed with clutter and lack of time in their lives. From experience, I offer guidance and insights so you can get out from under all the “stuff” in your life and feel the freedom from your clutter. This will allow you to have more space and time to get things done and enjoy having balance in your life.

Walk away from this presentation with ways to:

✦ Enjoy more space in your home so it becomes your refuge.

✦ Feel pride in showcasing where you live to friends and family.

✦ Create areas in your home or office to inspire your creativity.

✦ Finally get your paperwork under control.

✦ Have more money by getting organized, using what you already own and getting your finances under control. 

✦ Sort through your belongings so you have more room and love what you have.

✦Making a strategic, step by step plan to get to the next level in your life.

Randi Bale is a true leader in her field as an organizational expert. She empowers her clients to learn to live clutter–free lives — both at home and work. I hosted a meeting last year for my chamber of commerce and invited Randi to speak to the members and Randi’s presentation was fantastic! Randi captivates her audience with her charismatic, energetic, articulate, attractive, intelligent and most of all genuine ways. I give Randi high marks as a public speaker
— Christine Figliuolo – Owner, Creations By Christine Events, LLC

For Work.

Make it Happen: Who is Running Your Business?  

Many business owners wonder who is running their business after they put in endless hours and can't seem to get enough done or their team on board.  Randi Bale's experience consulting with small business owners has taught her that the three most important principles of making it happen and running a successful business are 

✦Clear Processes/Structure

✦Positive Communication

✦Cohesive Leadership

In this session, she will discuss how you can pull your team together and "Make it Happen" so your company gets healthier, more streamlined and increases its profit. 

I truly enjoyed your presentation and you incorporating your personal touch into the seminar. It was very inviting and carried over to a great exchange after — I really felt your positive energy spreading. Your approach brought up some ideas for me to incorporate with my partner and me within our business.
— Annegret Retusch – Nutrition Representative

For You:

Take Your Life Back to Find Your Place of Zen.

This presentation is for people who are overwhelmed with too much responsibility, not enough time and little to none support.

This presentation offers ways to develop order and be more present to explore your possibilities by focusing, organizing and revitalizing.

Participants who attend this session will walk away with: 

✦Ways to overcome the top three reasons why people can’t get focused 

✦How to add hours to your day

✦Techniques to set boundaries to reclaim your time and space

✦Best ways to delegate without the stress to empower those around you

✦Knowing ways to be organized to get you healthier, mind, body and soul

✦Getting more energized to live the life you want to live 

Your presentation was insightful and inspiring. We hope you recognize your influence on others and our appreciation that you shared your wisdom with the women in our community. It is through visionary leaders like you that we are able to accomplish our mission to empower and enrich the lives of women. Our attendees all agree: your message was powerful and spoke to them on a personal and professional level. The program has truly been enriched by your talents!
— Helen Archontou – Chief Executive Officer, YWCA of Bergen County: