Loving Your Life.

To love and appreciate life, we have to feel and be at our best. Some days are better than others when we are more motivated, centered and experience things flowing our way. Other days, we need a little help. Here are some ideas to make a difference: 

Be Present in the Moment.

I admit that I wake up earlier than most, but it helps me get things done in the morning while I feel fresh. It also helps me to stop worrying about how I am going to get everything done during the day. I find getting up early and taking the day in is something peaceful and magical. I took this picture before 6am to show the beauty in the new dawn. Give it a try and see how it re-sets your attitude for the day!

Sleep. Sweet Sleep.

Too many of us have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Insomnia is the cause of many health problems in addition to making it impossible to focus, be productive and harmonious in our relationships. Here are a few ideas on how to break the wicked cycle.

  • Use noise cancelling headphones or traditional ear plugs to block out noise that is keeping you awake. Make sure to get the highest number you can find online or in your drugstore.
  • Turn off electronics at least an hour before you get into bed. Reading makes many people fall asleep, but try not to read work related materials close to bedtime. Your mind may become too activated and have a hard time shutting down.
  • If your thoughts are always racing with what to do next, keep paper and pen by your bed. Write things down and you may find once it is on paper, you can relax knowing you don't have to remember it.
  • Check the temperature in your bedroom. Many times if it is too hot or muggy indoors, it will keep you awake, even if you don't consciously feel too warm.
  • Whenever you wake up and can't fall back asleep, drink a glass of water. Being dehydrated can be the guilty culprit.


Good Reads.

game change.jpg

Many times we know the right path for ourselves, but we ignore our instincts. The book Instinct, by T.D. Jakes shows us that we have the power to unleash the magic of our own intuitiveness and drive. This read teaches focusing on our own inner knowledge and wisdom within to not only survive, but to thrive at work and at home.

Exercise your body.

cindy crawford.jpg

I always say, if you want to learn something great, leave it to the pros. And if you want to make sure it works, look at results. All being said, I STILL use Cindy Crawford's exercise video from forever ago. I love the combination of Stretching, Lifting and Floor Exercises it provides, plus there is a 10 minute series in case you just don't have the full 40 minutes to work out. Plus the music is great and Cindy Crawford is wonderful to look at!

Sticky Situations.

Working with clients at home and at work, I consistently hear the same dilemmas that come up for all of us. We often share the same problems, challenges and choices, but don't always feel comfortable exposing ourselves. My column here is to share what to do when these things come up. 

Got a question or a dilemma that is keeping you stuck? Email me at: Randi@RandiBale.com (all posted letters will be kept in the strictest of confidence).

Your Question:

I know I need to de-clutter and get organized, but I can't seem to get my family on board. I have always had a hard time getting organized, and now whatever I do, my kids sabotage my efforts. What do i do?

My Answer:

Keeping the home organized and respecting each other's space starts with the parents. Parents need to set limits and communicate clear expectations with the children. Them leaving their belongings all over the house may demonstrate that they do not value their things or your house. Setting an example to your children and then working together to make the home a place you can all thrive in is of vital importance. It will not only help you short term, but will help your children grow into efficient, organized adults who are able to set priorities and keep their promises to others.