Loving Your Life.

To love and appreciate life, we have to feel and be at our best. Some days are better than others when we are more motivated, centered and experience things flowing our way. Other days, we need a little help. Here are some ideas to make a difference: 

Plan a trip.

Traveling can be a fun time to get away from it all, but let’s face it, it can be stressful too. Organizing your packing will take away the extra stress from your fun time ahead. 

Here's what to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes so you can get around easily. You will want to be pain-free to focus on seeing and appreciating the local sites.
  • Layers of clothing. Instead of swapping out wearables to accommodate temperatures from days to the evenings, bring along a sweater, jacket or shawl so you can keep comfortable throughout the day. 
  • Don't forget medications and prescription glasses, or anything else that would be nearly impossible to replace while you are far away from home.
  • A compact umbrella will save you from getting caught in the rain and then being wet and soggy throughout the day. 
  • Bring clothes that go together so you can swap things out at the last minute. Bring things that match in style and will go together color-wise.
  • Cell phone and charger.
  • Sunglasses.

Here's what not to bring:

  • Shampoo and conditioner. These items can easily break and fill up your suitcase with liquids. Every hotel on the planet will most likely have these in the rooms. If not, they would be easy to purchase once you are at your destination.
  • Perfume. Again, this would not be something you would want spilled in your suitcase and ruin your personal items. 

Mostly, take the time and presence of mind to enjoy vacation and time off. It is a privilege most people in the world never get. Instead of getting stressed about having all the "right stuff" with you, have fun taking in new sights, smells and tastes to give you fond memories.

Good Reads.

game change.jpg

This book is one of my favorite business books. It's about bringing "Human" back into the workplace and seeing our colleagues and team mates as such. Patrick Lencioni details attacking the root causes of dysfunction, politics and confusion. The Advantage is a great read about how companies can tap into talent they already have and making their organization a healthier place to be for everyone.  

Exercise your body.

cindy crawford.jpg

I always say, if you want to learn something great, leave it to the pros. And if you want to make sure it works, look at results. All being said, I STILL use Cindy Crawford's exercise video from forever ago. I love the combination of Stretching, Lifting and Floor Exercises it provides, plus there is a 10 minute series in case you just don't have the full 40 minutes to work out. Plus the music is great and Cindy Crawford is wonderful to look at!

Sticky Situations.

Working with clients at home and at work, I consistently hear the same dilemmas that come up for all of us. We often share the same problems, challenges and choices, but don't always feel comfortable exposing ourselves. My column here is to share what to do when these things come up. 

Got a question or a dilemma that is keeping you stuck? Email me at: Randi@RandiBale.com (all posted letters will be kept in the strictest of confidence).

Your Question:

My son is different than everyone in my family. My daughter is so much like my husband and me, but I can't seem to understand my son and why he does what he does. Although I love him immensely, I sometimes don't feel our relationship is as natural as I'd like.

My Answer:

A friend of mine relayed a story that when he told his clergy that he was having a child, his Rabbi said "You are about to meet your biggest teacher." Our children can't always be "just like us." One of my favorite experts on this topic is Dr. Shefali Tsabary who wrote "The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children." The book is amazing and talks about how we need to accept that our children are their own person and although we are here to guide them, we are not here to control or dictate their personalities. Click on the link to find it on Amazon.  

Be present in the moment.

While coming home after a long 12 hour day and being admittedly exhausted, I saw this sunset. Taking a pause when we might least see something beautiful is sometimes the most important time to do it.