The Power in Organizing

Many people think of organizing as having your desk neat and clean. Once you do that, you know where things are and can quickly find what you need as you move along in your day. And things look nice

But that is only the beginning.

Working with many people to organize their lives at work, I can confidently share that it is so much more involved.  It’s giving yourself the space in your head to think clearly, making wiser decisions and giving  others the impression how skillful and knowledgeable you really are.

When we are disorganized, we struggle throughout the day trying to keep it all together and that energy gets wasted. We feel overwhelmed, we lose time and momentum, and consequently, results. It is also to have a better relationship with people around us who are feeling the impact of our disorganization.

The true power of being organized is being streamlined. You know what needs to be done, you meet deadlines, you are on time for meetings and phone calls, you struggle less. You get out of “survival mode” and you start working at a higher capacity, getting things done so you feel a sense of accomplishment and people trust that you are a person they can count on.

Sometimes disorganization comes in time management, sometimes it’s a disarray of our space.  Many times it’s both. However, it always begins in our head and our lack of focus. Getting to the root of your disorganization allows everything else to fall into place. As a client recently said to me “After only a few sessions, my head is clearer and now my communication with my staff is better because I am able to get clarity, my desk is more organized, I know how I need to spend my day and somehow I’ve been de-cluttering at home.” Her streamlining is making things move along smoother and smoother so she has the space in her head to do bigger, better things. 

Since meeting with Randi our results have improved and I have learned more about what drives my employees making my office a better place to work for all of us. I would highly recommend you to hire Randi if you are looking to improve morale in your business along with increasing production
— Eric

Clarity, and then Consistency.

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Lack of clarity leads to endless miscommunication and people not knowing what to do to become successful. The feeling of doing something wrong and "getting into trouble" feeds into people’s insecurities and creates an unhealthy workplace for everyone. The fear creates a non-healthy competitive workplace, keeping everyone on separate teams creating constant miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Leadership needs to be clear on what the expectations are of their team at all levels, and then keep it consistent. Although change will most likely create discomfort, we have to have a clear, consistent message followed by clear and consistent action.  


Randi’s strategy worked in all levels: Service, time management, team hierarchy and responsibilities, synchronization of office activities, and most importantly increased sales.
— Edgar

Mind maps are a visual and interesting way to get clear on what to do next. Starting at a focal point of where you want to be, you can design next steps and watch it become a road map to your success. This is something I do with clients and they find their dreams and goals are much more attainable than they ever thought possible! Email me if you would like help to begin yours!