Accept Help.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone.

For most of us, there is not enough time in the day and way too much to do. We run businesses, we manage a home, we have family members who depend on us. How can we do it all? And still enjoy life, not to mention be enjoyable to be around? 

When we are stressed, it negatively affects our relationships, our health and everything we do. We aren't present, patient or work in partnership with others. We snap, we accuse, we don't trust. Because we are tired, and at times, resentful, asking "Why can't anyone help me?" it may be because we don't allow others to offer support, even when it is given.

I find that the strongest people I know are the ones that allow other people to help them. They have the confidence in others that once they are taught how to handle tasks and responsibilities, they can take the ball and run with it. If the process needs tweaking, they are available to support and guide them. They don't feel (or think) they can do it all and if they want balance, they don't want to.

Once we allow the help, we can work in our area pf expertise, and others can work in theirs. This not only gives us the opportunity to breath, it gives others the opportunity to grow and shine in their light. 

In summary, accepting help gives you support and insight that can help you grow. It gives you the time to grow in your area of expertise and nurture what is most valuable to you, your business and your life.

Since meeting with Randi our results have improved and I have learned more about what drives my employees making my office a better place to work for all of us. I would highly recommend you to hire Randi if you are looking to improve morale in your business along with increasing production
— Eric

Follow Through.

Time to delegate.jpg

One of the most important, and oftentimes neglected things to do post-meeting or conversation is to follow up.

Closing up loose ends with people on what we have already started is important - not only to us and our reputation, but to show consideration for other people's time. In many instances, people forget to do this because they get caught up thinking about what is next.

Stand out from the crowd and always finish up what has been started, even if it is a conversation communicating that you will not be going forward with the initial idea or partnership. 

Randi’s strategy worked in all levels: Service, time management, team hierarchy and responsibilities, synchronization of office activities, and most importantly increased sales.
— Edgar

Eat Healthy Snacks.

Feeling an energy dip? It's probably your blood sugar. When this happens, it's hard to focus on the tasks at hand because all we are thinking about is lunch! Bring along healthy snacks to take the bite out of hunger so you don't dive for the left over donuts in the lunchroom, and are able to concentrate and communicate healthfully and productively. 

Get Colorful.

This is a picture I took while I was making plans. I was getting ideas on paper and making it fun. Why should work be boring? We are visual beings and should enjoy seeing our ideas on paper so we can get the big picture and quickly edit what doesn't make sense for us. Our work can be an incredible source of gratification and contribution to others if we are determined to make it that way.

Don't be afraid to make a decision. Making plans doesn't mean we can't make change when what we are doing isn't working.

Mind maps are a visual and interesting way to get clear on what to do next. Starting at a focal point of where you want to be, you can design next steps and watch it become a road map to your success. This is something I do with clients and they find their dreams and goals are much more attainable than they ever thought possible! Email me if you would like help to begin yours!