Stop making plans to get organized, and just do it!

It's hard to get going, but once you do, you will be so happy with the results of finding peace and having less stress, it will keep you going. It's not just putting things away, it's knowing where to put them so it makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

How to begin?

  1. Visualize how you want your home to look like and function as. See yourself living in that space.

  2. Make a plan on what to tackle first, keeping it realistic so you can accomplish goals without feeling defeated and then giving up. Keep collecting pictures you like of spaces you enjoy looking at to give you inspiration and ideas.

  3. Lastly, dive in and take it step by step, tracking your successes so you can see your results. You can do it. 

De-Clutter Your Home and Office.

When I work with clients and they want to get organized, the first thing I tell them that we need to do is de-clutter. Clutter creates  too much to look at, overwhelm and often, a feeling of despair. Working with clients for almost a decade, I will share that every one of them has told me how much better and more relaxed they feel after they go through the process. Clutter can suffocate us visually and emotionally, not to mention make it impossible to find things and therefore, wast time that we could be spending doing what we love. 

Here are some quick ideas:

  • Go through your kitchen and de-clutter anything that looks old or is expired. Putting "like with like" together will show you how much food you have, so you can use what you already own and stop wasting money buying duplicates.

  • Clothes are there to help us present the image we want to present to the world. This means getting rid of anything that doesn't fit, is stained or for whatever reason, we don't feel comfortable wearing.

  • Bathroom stuff piles up. We buy more. Cosmetics expire and they cost a lot of money. Same as with food, organize and use what you have before buying duplicates.

  • Many of us work from home or use a home office for our personal affairs. I have worked with many, many clients over the years that don't know all the things they have that are now stuffed into drawers, many of which they have been looking for (including cash!). Avalanches of papers are scary, but we need to take a deep breath go through them to trash or shred what we don't need. This is hard to do alone, so feel free to reach out if you need a helping (non-judgmental) hand.

  • Organizing is an ongoing process, but first have to de-clutter and keep de-cluttering. I can help you trash what you don't need, donate what others would see as treasures, find a place in your home or office for what you will use and give your processes and mindset to keep going. Contact me for more info!

Thank you so much for our session. It really helps, not only with my space, but my head. I got up this morning and felt so good. You’re wonderful at what you do and also a great friend. What we’ve done keeps me going.
— Margaret


Organize your closet.

  • Before you organize what you have, de-clutter what you don't need. Go through your closet, and being completely honest with yourself, ask if what you have is something that makes you feel confident, put together and shows your true self. If not, don't be afraid to de-clutter. Once things are out of the house, you'll feel a sigh of relief. If you are like most of my clients, you'll also feel like you lost twenty pounds!

  • The next thing to do is make sure you have all the tools you need to have a closet that makes sense for you. Although I am not a big fan of spending lots of money buying organizing tools to keep organized, I do suggest using non-slip hangers that give you more room and also make your wardrobe more organized.

  • Color coding your clothes makes a huge difference. You'll be able to see what you have and decide what to wear more quickly. I organize my clothes by type, including sleeve length and fabric within color.

  • I'm also a proponent of keeping your shoes out of boxes so you can see what you have. Things hidden doesn't allow us to see, and use, what we own.

  • If you're like me and you have tons of colorful scarves to update and brighten an outfit, hang them on hangers and organize them by color so they are accessible for a quick lift.

  • If you try something on, and it just doesn't look right, release it. I keep a bag on the bottom of my closet so I can quickly put it away for the donation bins. Let someone enjoy and benefit from what you can release.

  • If the process makes you feel overwhelmed, and you don't know where to start, contact me for an appointment. Working side-by-side with a professional makes all the difference!

vibrant marigold.jpg

Bring Nature Inside with the Flower of the Month:            

Vibrant Marigold

The vibrant marigold comes in a range of colors including white, gold and yellow. There are two types of marigolds, tagetes and calendula. The calendula can be eaten in salads or as a substitute for the much more expensive saffron spice. 


The marigold is the symbol of passion and creativity, and in Asia, garlands of marigold flowers are used to decorate religious statues, and during funerals and wedding ceremonies.

How to grow them:

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, Marigolds thrive in full sunshine and moderately fertile, well-drained soil. After planting, thoroughly water each plant. If planting in containers, use a soil-based potting mix. Either mix in slow-acting granular fertilizer at planting time or plan to water in diluted liquid fertilizer periodically. Take care to space properly; marigolds grown in containers can become crowded. For more information on planting these beautiful flowers, check out

Fun, useful fact:

Another great use for the marigold is as a natural insect repellent. It’s strong scent helps keep mosquitos and aphids away from vegetable gardens, and placing a potted plant near a window will keep flies and mosquitos out of your home.


Make Your New Beginning Even Better.

New Beginnings. Everyone wants them, but most of us fear parting with the past. That includes  parting with our things.

I have worked with numerous people who tell me that their things have bad personal memories, or that they never “really like them anyway” or that they were gifts from people that they don’t even have contact with any longer. But they keep them anyway. My promise to you is that if you release the things that no longer speak to you, you will be a happier person for it. You will enjoy your space more. You will be looking at things that you enjoy looking at, that bring you pleasure or pleasant memories, or that just make you feel good. There is no better time to do this than when you have to pack up all of your belongings and get settled into a new home. This is especially true if your move is associated with a personal ending such as divorce, loss of a job or the elderly needing to relocate into assisted living. These times are often traumatic, but there may be solace waiting for you in your new home.

A new home is a new beginning and a perfect reason to clear out what is not suiting you any longer. This is the time to create new, beautiful memories. If your home feels a bit sparse because you have to fill it in, you can fill it in later. Or you might just be surprised that you enjoy living with less.

Feng Shui Your Life.

Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony in our lives through balance of ying and yang. We can express our creativity to reflect our unique nature through our homes and offices. When we clean out clutter, many hidden things are found. That can be anything from a scarf to a bank book with a balance that we have lost (yes, I have found these when de-cluttering with clients), to hidden blessings. Each month, I will focus on one area of the home or office that can help you have a better relationship to your space. 

This month: "Relationships"

To maintain harmony and balance in relationships, it's important to check out the corner of your upper right when you walk into the doorway of a room (think 1 o'clock on your watch). Are there solitary figures or couples having fun? Energize the area with lighting, plants or a mirror. Bring nature in with flowers, plants, candles. Soft lines are preferable, avoiding furniture with hard, unyielding quality. Soft covered, comfortable chairs facing each other would be ideal. Introduce the warm colors (above) and add a little red to enliven passion.