Don’t Let Anyone (or Anything) Steal Your Sunsets.

It can be overwhelming to try to make change, but once you make a commitment to stick to it no matter how hard it is and a promise to yourself that no matter how many people are pulling you off course or how many distractions are in your life all the time, you are almost there. 

To further my point, I’d like to share a personal experience I had in the form of a dream and the affect it had on me for many years afterwards. 

I was sitting at the edge of a dock by myself watching and being mesmerized by the most AMAZING sunset with colors I’ve never seen. I was staring into the sky completely taken away by the sheer beauty of it all, allowing the experience to take my breath away. It felt like a spiritual experience and a wondrous gift from the universe. Then suddenly, I heard whispering to the left of me. Although I hated to turn away, I went against my instincts and did it anyway. I saw shadows of people and because I wasn’t sure of what they were doing, I took my focus away from the sunset to see what was happening in case they were planning something that I “needed to know about.” 

It turned out to be nothing, so I looked back to the sun ready to take in the sheer magnificence of it all once again, but this time the sunset was gone and I lost the moment. When I awoke I took this as a huge lesson to stay focused on the beauty, the promise and the splendor of what can be. I’ve since cut out a picture that most resembled the sunset in my dream and posted it on my wall across from my desk so I can always be reminded not to lose moments. I hope for you a life filled with many ongoing moments that will take your breath away, and you stay the course so you don’t lose any of them by looking away.