Take Time to Play.

Many of us work more hours then we’d like to and become exhausted, stressed and depleted by day’s end. We then get up the next day and do it all over again without making as much progress as we'd like. By the end of the week we can barely catch our breath but attempt to tackle everything we couldn’t manage to get done during the week. Bombarded and overwhelmed is not a happy or healthy state of being.

Why do we keep doing this?  Many times we are trying to better secure our future or put away money for monumental occasions.  We may even be choosing to aspire for more stuff, more accolades or a more esteemed lifestyle. Being in this cycle, however, actually causes us to forget why we keep doing this or who we are.   

What I suggest is to get ON the merry-go-round and enjoy playing! Enjoy everything you possibly can. Tune into your desires, your dreams, and your “oh, I’d love to’s”.   Since you will not be so preoccupied, this will give you the ability to better connect with people in your life, get more done, become more focused on what you want. Taking a brain break to be able to process information is a necessary step.

Allow your work, your life and your things to serve you, your dreams and your purpose. There are many paths to get to your destination. You just need to pause long enough to see what that destination is, make a plan, and then take action!